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The low-code revolution is upon us, as the COVID-19 pandemic and economic conditions have pushed organizations to innovate faster and accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Low-code technologies help organizations bridge the gap between business and development, empowering IT to build solutions that advance the business with minimal involvement from developers. 

This virtual event on November 19, 2020 at 10 a.m EDT will highlight some of the ways low-code is changing the face of application development through success stories, use cases and best practices. You’ll learn how organizations are using low-code technologies to not just survive in today’s business climate but thrive. Featuring keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and an expo hall, this event is meant for the entire community.


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  • Citizen Developers (general business users who can build apps without having to write code)
  • Professional App Developers (using low-code tech to simplify their work and deliver high-caliber applications)
  • IT Managers and Departments
  • Business Executives
  • Thought Leaders
  • Those looking to learn more about LCNC (what is and how to get started)


  • The Low Code/No Code market has been “quietly” developing over the past few years. With the onset of COVID, the need for rapid application development, BPA, RPA and the rise of the “citizen developer” have all converged to make Low-Code/No-Code development a critical part of the digital transformation toolset.
  • Over the past 6 months, we’ve seen the rapid adoption of cloud technologies across industries. Now, low-code and AI tools are simplifying the software development process, allowing companies to move faster and smarter.
  • This is a must-attend event to learn more about the Low-Code/No-Code revolution and how your organization can benefit from these technologies.

Here's a preview of what to expect:


Marcus Torres

Vice President Product Management, Platform Business & Foundation at ServiceNow


Dan Stoll

Director of Technical Product Marketing, Nintex

Jim Fennell

Information Systems Manager at Lagan Management LTD

Mayur Shah

Senior Director Product Management at WaveMaker

Sean Fiene

Senior Technical Enablement Manager, Nintex


November 19, 2020
Steering the Charge
November 19, 2020
Learning by Doing
November 19, 2020
Enabling the Citizen Developer
November 19, 2020
10:00 am - 10:30 am

CIO Perspectives on Driving the Future of Work with Low Code and Citizen Developers

Chris Bedi
CIO at ServiceNow

92% of executives believe that COVID 19 has forced their company to rethink how work gets done. That’s why CIOs across the globe are taking a heightened interest in low code platforms, realizing they will enable rapid delivery of applications across the organization. The global pandemic has forced digital transformation to happen now. We have a new future of work we need to be ready for, and that requires more automation than ever before. The volume of apps required is beyond the capacity of professional developers, driving the need for collaboration with citizen developers.

In this session, Chris Bedi will share a CIO perspective on rolling out low code applications at scale, best practices from rolling out ServiceNow’s citizen developer program and suggested guardrails to ensure a successful and secure implementation.

10:30 am - 11:00 am

Fireside Chat with Appian CEO Matt Calkins and StarCIO’s Isaac Sacolick on HyperAutomation, Addressing the Values and Barriers of Low-Code

Isaac Sacolick
President at StarCIO
Matt Calkins
CEO at Appian

The pandemic set the spark for the enterprise software revolution. When companies are suddenly disconnected from each other, from their tried and true business processes, you have to re-establish those lost connections immediately. Which is why companies are turning to low-code platform automation, because it is vital to their survival.

Appian is a leader in low-code development, however low-code still is not fully understood. In order to bridge that education gap, Appian published a book written in plain language that covers a range of opinions from industry experts, to help educate the market.

In this fireside chat, Appian CEO Matt Calkins will speak with StarCIO’s Isaac Sacolick on the values and barriers of low-code. This all in the midst of rapid change. Additionally, they will talk through how the COVID pandemic has accelerated the need for automation. Lastly, they will provide deeper insights to Appian’s book on low-code, discussing the various opinions within the market from authors, academics, customers and more.

11:00 am - 11:30 am

How No-Code/Low-Code Fuels Teams to Move Faster

Lacey Kesler
Founder of Women in No-Code

No-Code/Low-Code isn't just for building the latest startup. It is a technology that if fully utilized can empower teams of all sizes to do their best and most meaningful work. We're going to examine the best tools and strategies for equipping teams with the power to build their own software and solve their own problems without writing code.

Low Code: Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

Stephanie Louis
Global Head of Developer Community at Pega
Marcus Torres
Vice President Product Management, Platform Business & Foundation at ServiceNow
Malcolm Ross
Deputy CTO at Appian
Jennifer Sable Lopez
Senior Director, Community & Advocacy at OutSystems

Low-code and no-code are not new concepts. They’ve been around for 25+ years. However, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of low-code/no-code technologies as organizations and individuals across industries are facing an urgent need for new online applications and services. The explosive growth in the use of these tools is also enabling citizen developers to build solutions to problems they encounter as they grow accustomed to an entirely virtual working environment.

What are the impacts of the low-code/no-code movement and what trends will carry forward? How do professional developers view these tools, and how do they play with citizen developers? How closely is low-code/no-code tied to the concepts of automation (BPA/RPA)?

Join experts from ServiceNow, Appian, OutSystems and Pega to hear their answers to these questions and more.

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

The Subtle Art of Building Scalable Apps with Low Code

Deepak Anupalli
Co-founder & Head of Product at WaveMaker

Scalability is deep-rooted to application architecture and the technology stack used. Modern apps deployed as microservices give you the flexibility to scale user-wise, and complexity-wise. But too often, enterprises sandbox low-code development and keep it siloed from professional development teams building enterprise grade apps. Given today’s business critical nature of application development, wouldn’t it be game-changing if you could leverage a low code platform to build scalable apps that are as good as hand-coded apps? In this session, Deepak Anupalli, Co-founder and Head of Product, at WaveMaker, deep-dives into how low code can be leveraged to build powerful applications without compromising on scalability.

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

Change Management is Key to a Low-Code Reality

Max Rudman
CEO at Prodly

With companies scrambling over this year to digitally transform, there has been an uptick in adopting low-code applications. And while it's never been easier-or faster-to deploy business applications, there are many unforeseen problems. Implementing a low-code system can take six or more months and is prone to project stalemates since stakeholders have higher expectations for customization. Future changes can have a ripple of effects due to the complex configurations organizations create. As low-code apps increasingly become a shared responsibility between IT and business units, it’s incumbent upon IT to ensure changes are delivered consistently, reliably, and without disrupting end users—no matter who makes the change.

Join Prodly's CEO Max Rudman as he discusses how implementing an agile change management process to your low-code applications can:

- Give CIOs and IT managers visibility into the ongoing changes to their systems
- Accelerate time to value for low-code apps
- Decrease application implementation time
- Provide IT governance to mitigate risk

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

Security and Compliance in Low Code/No Code App Development

Purnima Bihari
Technical Product Manager at Security Compass

While low code/ no code allows non-technical users to deliver apps faster, it also introduces a lot of gaps when it comes to security and regulatory compliance. Some gaps are introduced by the lack of awareness and some are oversights introduced by lack of skills. The cost of these security issues could be pretty high and might be disruptive for businesses on the customer side of things. What good is a product or a feature if it's not available, reliable and secure?

This session talks about what are some of the common security concerns that organizations need to be aware of while working with no-code/ low-code platform, and how these risks can be mitigated both on the side of the end user and the creators of these platforms. It will also talk about how organizations using low-code or no-code platforms can share the policy to execution responsibility with their vendors and service providers to avoid the common security pitfalls.

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Transforming your Business with Low Code

Juan Ramirez
Senior Solution Architect at Outsystems

Today’s multiple disruptive threats make business agility and adaptability a key imperative in 2020 and moving forward. How can you “step up to the plate” and ensure that your organization has the speed and adaptability to thrive despite uncertainty? Join Senior Solution Architect, Juan Ramirez to learn about:

- Some of the challenges organizations are facing today

- How Low Code is transforming businesses

- Why Low Code is the answer

- The Future of Low Code

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

When is Code not Code? When it’s Low-Code

Jon Collins
VP of Research at Gigaom

In this session, Jon Collins works through the findings of his research so far into the market for, and benefits gained from, low-code solutions. Key learnings are all about balance - delivering with speed vs. understanding the need, getting things done vs. doing things right the first time, and finally knowing that, one way or another, it will always be about code! Tune in to find out more.

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Turning App Design and Development Upside Down to Drive Successful Innovation

Ken McElrath
Founder and CEO at Skuid

Learn how to effectively design and build applications that get high adoption at low cost, transforming your digital enterprise with an upside-down, human-centered, blazing fast process.

A brand new generation of sophisticated no/low code tools can enable people to take advantage of complex technology without forcing them to understand how the machinery works behind the scenes. But how do we ensure we don't use these tools to just deliver the wrong solutions 10 times faster? A human-centered design (HCD) methodology drives deeper understanding of the business problems, user needs, and technical constraints required to solve the right problems with the right solutions.

In this session, you will explore how to practically "turn app development upside down" by mastering the interplay between desirability, feasibility, and viability to produce transformational solutions that deliver greater utility, clarity, efficiency, and delight.

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

IT’s Strategic Partner to Navigate Post-Pandemic Era

Mayur Shah
Senior Director Product Management at WaveMaker

From accessibility of internal applications, sign-in assistance to password generation, IT teams are bearing the brunt of unprecedented demands from remote working employees. This situation has led to an uptick in the adoption of low-code platforms purpose- built for professional developers (Advantages: cloud-powered IT infrastructure, application-level security, collaboration tools and real-time IT support). Through experiences and customer stories, Mayur Shah, Senior Director Product Management at WaveMaker presents his case on how low code is increasingly going mainstream without disrupting existing systems as it takes the pressure off IT teams trying to support remote workforce.

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Low Code in Industrial Plants and Machines

Boris Crismancich
Head of Business Development at Katulu

Controlling machines with low code IT solutions is more of a revolution than you might think. When people first tried to apply general purpose computers on industrial processes in the 1960s, computers were very unreliable. So they developed something on their own. The PLC (programming logic controller) was born. Controlling machines is PLC ground. Worldwide. The world of PLCs was strictly separated from the IT world for 60 years. Then all of a sudden the internet of things emerged. Industrial IoT. THe IT world and the OT (operational technology) world are melting together. Engineers in mechanical and plant construction as well as switch cabinet constructors just skip 20 years of IT software development evolution and jump directly into low code. It's like gaining superpowers in an instant. But what mechanical and electrical engineers stumble into is also the world of IT networks, security updates and software version conflicts. A world well known for IT folks. Uncharted soil full of critical risks for OT experts. In this session we will replace a PLC with a low code IT solution. We will compare and discuss advantages and risks. Let's chart the soil of Industrial IoT together.

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Low Code’s a No-Brainer

Jeff DeVerter
CTO at Rackspace

According to proprietary research conducted by Rackspace Technology, 44% of IT decision makers are extremely satisfied with low code/no code developments to date — and for good reason. Low code/no code is a business catalyst enabling technologies to automate processes and create a line of business solutions like never before. In the ‘90s, building your own tools was the norm. And after a surge of ready-made tools in the ‘2000s, low code/no code is once again ushering in an era of customization, leading to true differentiation.

In this session, Rackspace CTO Jeff DeVerter will explain the newfound prominence of low code and outline how enterprises can best utilize the technology to accelerate the delivery of software and applications. He’ll address questions such as:

- What is the single technology that’s enabling the explosion in the low-code ecosystem?
- Why low-code doesn’t mean lone-coder.
- Why have capabilities increased for the “citizen developer”?
- How does Robotic Process Automation fit into the equation?

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

How World Vision Cut out the Chaos with Low-code

Amy Hart-Koullapis
Communications Systems Specialist at World Vision International
Dinesh Varadharajan
VP of Product Management at Kissflow

The people closest to the problem know how to solve it. Having built the entire workflow management platform at Kissflow on this staunch belief, Dinesh Varadharajan will speak with Amy Koullapis from the Global Marketing + Communication team at World Vision International. She will share how they got their no-code fix. When complicated coding wasn’t an option, Amy and her team went back to the drawing board to find a better solution to a pressing problem: a complete lack of visibility into the data collected and a lack of control over the content process. Listen to Amy as she talks about how they built complex, custom workflows on their own and quickly rolled them out with no training for team members.

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

How Citizen Developer Enabled by No-code Quickly and Securely Deployed Return to Workplace Apps

Jim Fennell
Information Systems Manager at Lagan Management LTD
Osvaldo Sousa
Chief Executive Officer at Kianda
Derya Sousa
Chief Operating Officer at Kianda

Learn how Lagan Homes, an Irish-based construction company, accelerated digitalization dramatically with no-code process automation.
With the ever-changing demands of today’s new normal, where businesses are seeking to adapt to changes, meet their customer needs and ensure employee health and safety, shortage of technical resources and long leading times of deploying new systems are often a key barrier for digital transformation. As a result, organizations look for solutions that can bring them agility and ability to respond rapidly in this digital-first era. Faced with these challenges, Jim Fennell, Information Systems Manager at Lagan will tell us how he utilized capabilities of no-code platform to build fully responsive, easy-to-deploy enterprise apps such as PPE request, staff health assessment and daily temperature check apps to ensure safe return to workplace for their staff – all without the need for any coding.

In this session, first you will hear from Kianda’s COO Derya Sousa an introduction to how no-code solutions are empowering knowledge workers with or without coding skills to create enterprise technology like a pro. You will also hear from Kianda’s CEO Osvaldo Sousa - a no-code process automation expert - about critical success factors of implementing no-code enterprise apps. Join us to hear about this real life use case of how no-code solutions are enabling citizen development and accelerating digital innovation.

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

How Small Businesses, Agencies, and Consultants Can Use No Code to Scale

Kristen Youngs
Co-Founder of Coaching No Code Apps

Citizen developers and low/no-code internal teams are popping up within major companies all around the world, enabling them to grow and scale incredibly efficiently. But, what about citizen developers for all the small businesses out there - the consultants, small agencies, and solo-entrepreneurs of the world? Can they take advantage of the growth and scale, too? Fortunately, yes, and even in ways you might not anticipate. Small businesses all across the globe are leveraging low/no-code tools not just to survive in our changing business and economic climate, but also thrive. Here's how.

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Manufacturing Victory: A No-Code Tale on the Factory Floor

Troy Sword
Plant Supervisor of Benestar Brands
Nimrod Grinvald
Technical Evangelist at Kintone

How do you get LCNC buy-in in an environment resistant to change?

Troy Sword is the citizen developer at Benestar Brands, the world’s leading producer of crunchy pork snacks. He spearheads the no-code rollout across all 5 US plants both on and off the plant floor. With Troy leading the charge, their team transformed their paper-based processes into streamlined digital ones.

Join a fireside chat with Nim and Troy to learn how Benestar Brands built a proactive, problem-solving culture in a multilingual environment using LCNC. Hear how they:

- Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars cloning expensive software
- Eliminated $45K/month in waste
- Empowered a happier and more involved workforce

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

The Citizen Development Journey at Medtronic

Lori Breitbarth
Sr. Principal IT Program Manager at Medtronic

Join Lori Breitbarth, Sr. Principal IT Program Manager of Medtronic as she shares Medtronic’s journey with ServiceNow and how they developed a successful Citizen Developer program. Medtronic is among the largest medical device companies in the world. With operations in 150 countries, their products treat 70 different health conditions which include cardiac devices, cranial and spine robotics, insulin pumps, surgical tools, patient monitoring systems, and more. During this session, you will learn why the program was created, and hear about a sample of the apps created thus far. In 2016, Medtronic implemented ServiceNow’s ITSM, HR, and 3 custom apps built on App Engine to replace what they had on their legacy system. They believed in the potential of App Engine platform so much so that the ServiceNow Owner and Center of Excellence(CoE) lead at Medtronic designed a formal Citizen Developer program (to help certify and onboard their distributed developers across various Business Units). Today, Medtronic has about 25+ active Citizen developers across the enterprise. And these developers together with the CoE team are achieving some amazing results. In this session, you learn from Lori about how business and IT at Medtronic are effectively working together to promote app dev at scale to drive agility and innovation across the enterprise. You will also gain some valuable insights and Medtronic’s key takeaways and lessons learned along the way.

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

Create and Extend your Workflow Automation in 24 Hours

Sean Fiene
Senior Technical Enablement Manager, Nintex
Dan Stoll
Director of Technical Product Marketing, Nintex

Workflow automation has undergone a sophisticated transformation from a developer-centric solution to a low-code, no-code solution. The evolution ushers in a sea of new users who could scale automation across an organization to help drive down costs, increase productivity, and maintain competitive advantage. Join us in this session to learn why low-code and no-code approaches to workflow automation enable greater adoption of technology and can encourage workers to do more with less. Nintex Director, Dan Stoll, will show you how to rapidly deploy a production-ready solution, followed by Nintex Senior Manager, Sean Fiene, who will expand on the solution to further enhance the process. Come ready to learn; leave ready to automate.

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Enabling Low Code Citizen Development Outside of a Standard DevOps Process

Katherine Cattini
Senior Product Owner at Quick Base
Gevorg Hovsepyan
Director of Product Management at Quick Base

This is not your neighborhood Sandbox! In a recent study of 500+ IT leaders, 92% said that successful digital transformation requires a dual-track strategy that simultaneously addresses enterprise-wide transformation initiatives and rapid-cycle innovation at the business process level. Enabling citizen developers is critical for Rapid Cycle Innovation, yet they are typically not fluent in and will typically avoid standard DevOps practices. Join this session to learn about novel strategies to support citizen development and still maintain the best practices required by an enterprise IT organization. Successful Business-IT collaborative application development requires a collection of practices, policies, and procedures in addition to a platform that supports them. We will discuss how rethinking the basic notion of a development sandbox and DevOps enables greater business agility.

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Low Code your Way to the Sales Saloon

Parker Yates
Chief Revenue Officer at MediaOps
Mitch Ashley
CEO at Accelerated Strategies Group

Virtually all of us experience disruption due to the COVID-19's impact on our businesses and our lives. Digital transformation strategies have accelerated months and sometimes years. Join Mitch Ashley, CEO Accelerated Strategies Group, and Parker Yates, Chief Revenue Officer MediaOps, as they share their journey from email and hubspot to transforming their sales process, handoff and delivery across the organization without writing a single line of code.


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